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See me in “Timothy’s Room” Premiering October 15th at LA Femme Film Festival

I’ll be starring in  “Timothy’s Room,” a drama about a girl and her imaginary companion, which will debut Oct. 15 as part of the 2010 LA Femme Film Festival.

“Timothy’s Room” tells the story of Greg, a widower who wants a new start for himself and his adolescent daughter, Molly, after his wife’s death. At first, they both seem to love their new home, but Molly has a hard time adjusting. She starts acting out, and blaming her bad behavior on a boy named Timothy. Trouble is, Timothy doesn’t exist. Greg tries to be sympathetic, but Molly’s behavior grows increasingly worse. Tensions between the two mount—until events take an unexpected turn. The cast includes Michael J. Uhlman, Mariah Fallon and Mac Hegyes. The film was written, directed and produced by Mary-Margaret Martinez.
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Hello everyone!

Mary Beth here. I’d like to welcome you to my new site. Take the nickle tour and check it out. I’ll be updating periodically — whenever the spirit moves me, when I’ve got a new directing or acting piece I want to share, or … when the Yankees win!

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